Plan a trip of a lifetime blending pristine beaches, local cuisine, and sightseeing

There is a reason why Chania is a beloved destination for travelers worldwide. From its picturesque spots and rich history reflected in its monuments to the beautiful beaches and outstanding Cretan cuisine, Chania combines it all.

Just picture yourself sitting at a table in a small restaurant in the Old Town after a leisurely walk at the beautiful port. You take a sip of the local wine and smell the delicious aroma of freshly grilled seafood as you admire the colorful view.

Aren't you already excited to create unforgettable memories in a city where every corner is a discovery waiting to be made?

Top beaches near Chania you should not miss

Soak up the Mediterranean sun on idyllic and diverse beaches near Chania. The area offers various must-visit locations, such as the crystal-clear waters of Kalathas and Agia Triada and the magnificent Stavros beach with the dramatic mountain backdrop. Prepare to let the worries of daily life melt away in the turquoise waters.

Stavros beach

Residing on the northern coast of the Akrotiri peninsula, Stavros beach is just a 17 km drive from Chania. With its soft, white sand, pristine waters, and magnificent mountain view, it's easy to see why it was chosen as a filming location for the famous movie "Zorba the Greek".

Kalathas beach

Situated close to Chania, a mere 10 km away, Kalathas Beach is great for families with small children as it has a shallow shoreline and calm waters. Featuring a range of water activities and beach bars, it is the ideal spot for a restful day under the sun.

Agia Triada

Located just 13 km from Chania, Agia Triada is ideal for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful day at the beach. Its serene atmosphere, inviting, calm waters and scenery make it an ideal spot for sunbathing and swimming.